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Use The Law To Escape Domestic Violence

Absolutely no one should have to experience violence, least of all from a spouse, romantic partner or another family member. But at Albizu Law in Austin, we understand that such violence is all too common, and it can be difficult to escape. Fortunately, both Texas law and federal law provide tools to help survivors of domestic violence leave their abusers and regain their safety.

From the moment you contact our firm, we will help you understand your options and identify a legal strategy that best meets your needs. Our services are discreet and confidential, and we move very swiftly when appropriate to help you find safety when you need it.

The most immediate tool to put space between you and an abuser is a protective order, which legally mandates a minimum distance between you and your abuser, offering you more safety while the legal system gathers more details about your family’s situation. A protective order does not physically prevent an abusive partner from approaching you, but it does provide a strong incentive to maintain distance in the form of strict penalties for violating the order.

Abusive relationships are more complicated for couples with children, but again, the legal system offers ways to protect your children as well as yourself. We can help you assert your parental rights in disputes over child custody (known in Texas as “conservatorship”).

Domestic Violence Services For Immigrants

Immigrants are especially vulnerable to domestic violence if they are dependent on an abusive spouse for their legal residency. As a firm practicing both family law and immigration law, we can help you navigate both of these areas simultaneously in order to escape a violent relationship while preserving your legal residency in the U.S.

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was designed specifically to protect women and men who are non-U.S. citizens and who have experienced domestic violence from a U.S. citizen spouse. Under the protections offered by VAWA, you can maintain legal residency even after divorcing an abusive spouse.

We also help our clients obtain U visas when appropriate. A U visa is meant for noncitizens who are the victims of crime. It allows the victim to enter or remain in the U.S. in exchange for cooperating with law enforcement officers in identifying the perpetrator.

Get Domestic Violence Help. Call Us Today.

There is no time to waste. If you have experienced domestic violence, you should speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. Call our office in Austin at 512-861-5638 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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