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Proactive, Compassionate Guidance In Immigration And Naturalization Matters

Few things in life are as important as living in the community of your choice, close to your loved ones. This can be a challenge when your family is spread across an international border. While the U.S. immigration system provides many ways for foreign citizens to become long-term residents and eventually citizens in this country, it can be a confusing process without the help of an experienced immigration attorney.

At Albizu Law, we understand that immigration issues can quickly become an overwhelming source of stress in our clients’ lives. That’s why we take a proactive approach to all our work. We help you understand your rights and legal options. We assist you with keeping the legal process moving forward so that you can achieve your goal as quickly as possible – whether you are seeking a visa, a green card, naturalization or anything else.

Our full-service immigration lawyers help clients throughout Texas and Puerto Rico with their immigration matters.

The Power To Choose

Immigration law is a complicated blend of statutes, administrative policies, case law and exceptions along a path that seems obstructed by endless hurdles. Our team is well-versed in the nuances of the constant changes in immigration law and can help you chose the right visa for your circumstances.

We focus on problem-solving to bring families together. We will help you explore your alternatives and press forward on your behalf for matters involving:

  • Fiance(e) or spouse visas – If you are a U.S. citizen over 21 years old, you may sponsor your intended or spouse for legal permanent residency.
  • Alien relatives – Family preference sponsorships for children, sisters, brothers and parents may be possible.
  • Temporary protected status – U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) provides many types of protected status visas, including U-visas.
  • Employment-related visas – Your employer can sponsor your petition to work in the U.S. based on extraordinary abilities, advanced degrees, status as executive, researcher or higher education professional. Employment visas are also available for ordinary skilled and unskilled workers.
  • Business investments – If you are willing to invest a certain financial amount and create at least 10 full-time jobs, you may qualify for legal permanent residency.
  • U-visas – Victims or witnesses of certain crimes willing to cooperate with law enforcement may qualify for this temporary visa.
  • Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJ) visas – At-risk youth under the age of 21 who are living in the U.S. but cannot reunify with their family due to violence, neglect or abuse, among other qualifications, may qualify for this visa.
  • VAWA visas – Noncitizens who are dependent on their U.S. citizen spouses for legal residency are in a legally vulnerable position; under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), you may escape this dependency and obtain the safety you deserve.

We can also help you understand the best course of action if you or your loved one has questions about remaining in the U.S. under the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. You do not have to worry about speaking to an immigration attorney about your immigration matter. We are on your side.

Learn More About Our Immigration Services At An Initial Consultation

We look forward to explaining exactly how we can help in your specific situation at our first meeting. To schedule an appointment by phone or in our Austin office, call 512-861-5638 or contact us by email.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, founding attorney Iris Albizu is a native Spanish speaker. Hablamos español.